Sunday, 2 December 2012

Today It's All About Textures!

For some reason today I just started taking photos on my phone of textures that caught my eye as we went out to buy pet presents (yes our household does that - no outfits though).

Here are a few things that caught my attention:

1). Crisp frosty leaves on the ground (it's a bit blurry as I took it through the car window just before we set off). I've noticed leaves a lot over the past few days. It's strange just how fast the year has gone. I want to get a close up shot of a really frosty one.

2). Not snow but the remains of the frost we scraped off the window. Isn't it pretty. Such a delicate texture.

3). The lock on my bag along with some piping. I love the texture. It's cold to the touch but somehow looks warm and soft.

4). The contrast of different parts of my bag. The lining is rough but pretty, the zip is cold and sharp and the outside is soft and smooth.

5). The fur trim on my hood. It was dancing in the blasts of hot air from the heater in the car, it reminded me of frosty cold sea anemones (I still can't pronounce that word properly, it's a tongue twister).

We went to Pets At Home (a pet supply store) and bought Tim our cat a new bed, a catnip gingerbread man chew toy and catnip bubbles. We bought my sister and her boyfriend's dogs some chewy treats and then we popped into Asda Living (Asda supermarket minus all the food haha) and bought two giant rawhide bones for their dogs and also a sparkly Christmas deer for our room.

I cooked a roast for our tea and while that was in the oven I created a little Christmas corner in my bedroom with the sparkly deer and my mini white Christmas tree covered in candy coloured decorations.

I can't wait to decorate everywhere and make it all really festive, I love Christmas.

Wrapping paper at the ready!


PS.-    I also took a picture of this Ice Dome yesterday, which has encased some moss... how amazing!

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