Sunday, 14 October 2012

Welcome Back

So it's been a while since I've been on here. I've been up to a lot. Recovering from my operation, job hunting (I'm now employed - woohoo), starting a new course and making things for Arayha's Boutique, as well as judging the page's 100 likes competition.

So the winner of our 100 likes competition was Katherine Thompson and she won these:

Here's what she said about winning:

"My prizes arrived today - I'm so pleased with them! The scent hit me first and it's beautiful. Scented plushes tend to irrirate my skin and I'm forced to stay from them, but yours are so relaxing and calming. I hope they stay like that forever! They've been perfectly made and, well, what can I say - they're LUSH! Minutes after opening them I had to name them, so I thought you deserved to know what
I've inflicted upon your poor plushes. In the centre we have Pomme, holding her little Petit Chou-Fleur. To the left is Winky, sitting on top of Tinky and joining them is Chubby Checker. On the other side is the happy little gingerbread house 99 (named so lovingly by my mother, because "he has a flake in his face") and underneath 99 is Boo and Puds. Finally, we have the aptly named Carrot, who's a little bit simple and prefers to sit upside down because he doesn't know any other way. Again, I just wanted to thank you ever so much for the prizes, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your stock and buying things whenever I can! ♥"
I also decided to send a prize out to everyone who entered the competition and we've had a few pictures of those posted onto our Facebook wall, here's one:
Ellie Walker wrote:

"EEEEK!!! look what just arrived!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!! i have named the little critter 'hermman' (even though he has a pink skull mask lol)! LOVE it! thank you so so much! smells 'lush' too and i never even sneezed (which is great because i'm terrible with scented hings :D)"
 More images of the prizes are on our Facebook page Here
As far as Halloween items go, I've been working on a special Frankenplushie monster design as well as other spooky characters, including a ghost I've just finished and some Lushie Plushies based on Lush's Halloween range - pictures soon!
These will be being sold via our Facebook page, so make sure you keep checking there and add it to your Facebook interests list to make sure you don't miss any of these cuties!
You can also place a commission for a custom Christmas order by commenting on our note Here
Christmas items will include:
* Monsters
* Mini Monsters
* Lushie Plushies - based on Lush's new Christmas range   
Earrings and accessories - look out for characters like Ali
And much more!

Reviews - we're currently waiting for a review from Miss Bethany Lowe (Bethany Baker on Our Facebook Page)

If you've received any items from us and would like write a review / produce a video to be featured on our page, please message me via the Arayha's Boutique Facebook page (see 'Our Facebook Page' above for a direct link). We love hearing from you and seeing your photos. You can also post them to the page's wall and I will share them on the page.

Until next time.


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