Monday, 19 November 2012

Update: a peek into my day, sort of.

I didn't really take any pictures today. Well, apart from my attempt at the hair bow that's all over Pinterest. I've been growing my hair for what seems like ages and I finally have enough of it to do that style. Yes, I know it's very wispy and not that great but my hair isn't that long really and to get a bow out of it at all is amazing for me. I'll post a better picture when my hair's a lot longer and I can do the bow properly, it's not quite there yet.

Want to see it?

While I was on Pinterest today I saw this hairstyle and thought it would make a great alternative way to keep my hair up for work (I'm a christmas temp at a well known frozen food store - they have a new tv ad featuring Willy Wonka music... guess where haha) obviously minus the giant hair clip, I don't think we're allowed those, as pretty as they are. Here it is, I repinned it onto my 'Hair Ideas' board:

(Source: Pinterest)

I tried to track down where it's originally from and I *think* it's from but I'm not really sure (if you know, please tell me!)

Isn't the style really cute and easy to do. I had a go myself and it's do-able even without a mirror, even for me, although I did have wispy bits sticking out - I'll put that down to hair length and not my lack of hairdressing skills haha.

 You may have noticed that the Twitter feed has gone from the right --->
Apparently it's faulty so I had to delete it. When it's fixed I will add it again, until then you can follow me and see what I'm up to on @Arayha

On another note, how autumnal is the blog's new look! I love the leaf colours during autumn, so pretty. It's a shame most of them are now no longer on the trees but all wet and soggy on the floor, trodden and ground into the pavement. Most of them are brown now. At least the blog has everlasting fiery leaves.

Since it's getting colder and the weather's going all British on us, have a snuggly evening / night from my cup of hot chocolate and comfy duvet, to yours.


PS- want to see how my hair dried naturally today?

(Just like Medusa haha)

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