Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Upcoming Ranges: S/S 2013

Here's a secret sneak peek into the inspiration for our upcoming S/S 2013 ranges at Arayha's Boutique...


Spring in England is traditionally rainy (as is most of the year) and we have many 'Spring Showers', not to mention early morning dew caught on spider webs. Beautiful.

(Image: Pinterest)

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(Image: Pinterest)

It's inspiring some rather sparkly pieces here. I can't wait to get my hands on some 'rain' and make these gorgeous items to show you.

What's your favourite thing about spring weather, or spring in general?


Does anyone else have a bad case of wanderlust?

♥ Daydreaming of sunshine, travels, camping under the stars and beachy shores ♥

(Image: Pinterest)

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(Image: Pinterest)

That settles it, we're designing a 'wanderlust' summer range full of items that make you want to travel, remind you of traveling, look beautiful and inspire beautiful daydreams!


If you're not already yearning to travel or dancing in the rain, you will be when you see our new ranges. 
2013 will be a year of inspiration.  


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