Saturday, 26 May 2012

DIY vintage wallpaper patching - part 1

We have a separate toilet from our bathroom and I noticed some wallpaper peeling. I couldn't control myself. Like an itch that had to be scratched I couldn't resist pulling on the paper. After I had peeled off an entire wall I discovered some rather pretty old paper hiding underneath the layers. (Sorry about the pictures, there isn't a window in that room so the lighting is very bad).

As you can see from the top picture, the paper isn't perfect. I think somebody tried to rip it off the wall, gave up then decorated over it years ago. It's a shame they did that, it's such a lovely pattern.

Here you can see the damaged section of the wall area we want to make a feature of:

What to do? How can it be fixed? I decided to peel off scraps of matching wallpaper and patch it into the damaged sections. I used a sponge dipped in very hot water, nothing else and peeled it off by hand.

It took a long time as I was being careful not to rip any of it. I did it though. Here are the scraps drying:

So far they haven't been added to the wall as we can't decide between two ideas for the room. I will store these pieces away safely until they are needed and I will post more pictures of the completed wall once we have finished.


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