Thursday, 24 May 2012

H&M Haul

Yesterday I went shopping in H&M to pick up a beautiful butterfly shawl (£6.99 mentioned Here). It is huge! I'm only 5 foot tall and I can wear it as a full length dress! It's also 100% polyester, so it won't be pleasant to use in very hot weather. Especially as a dress or headscarf as you risk getting all hot and sweaty. Nice. A cotton one would be better, but find a lightweight one.

While I was in there I noticed their cosmetics section and having never used their products before, decided to try out two of their lip balms.

Here you can see the two balms, both of which are in tins, with the butterfly shawl in the background. On the left is the 'Pomme Granate' balm (£1.99) which is in a vintage style black tin decorated with Art Nouveau peony flowers and what look like blue drapes. This balm melts quickly and is quite thin. It reminds me of melting coconut oil. It smells of sweets more than pomegranate - almost like Strawberry Candy Sticks.

On the right is the 'My Lovely Lipbalm' in coconut and mango (£1.50). This is a wonderful summer tin in soft strawberry and lemon colours, very cheery. Inside the balm is a peach colour and smells mainly of coconuts with a faint fruity scent. This balm is also thin but slightly thicker in texture than the other, so it glides onto lips better and stays on for longer. You get a very moisturised feel after using this one compared to the other. Not as pretty a tin but a better product inside.

Overall, both lipbalms are cheap, pretty to look at, smell delicious and most importantly, keep your lips looking and feeling great. There are many other flavours and styles to choose from.

I can't wait to reuse these these tins on my dressing table to store earrings or maybe I'll fill them with makeup to pop in my bag as convenient little pallets for touch-ups or holidays. 


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