Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lush Review: Space Girl

So the Lush Compounders visited one of my local stores and I popped in to meet them. We made a ballistic called Space Girl together and I decided to use this in my bath instead of keeping it as they had run out of special Compounder moulds and it just didn't feel 'limited edition'. Still, it made a wonderful bath.

Space Girl is a flying saucer shaped ballistic (bath bomb) that fizzes when you pop it into your bath. It is covered in glitter, which represent stars when they swirl around in the purple water and the ballistic looks like a cute little alien ship flying around you.

I must say it smells amazing. So delicate and soft, the parma violet scent perfumes the air and creates a relaxing atmosphere. It's not too softening for the water either, so you don't get that slightly slippery sliding going on. There's also vegan popping candy included in this one and I was told you can hear it popping underwater... I heard nothing. It was the only thing that let this ballistic down. Having said that, this one was free so I shouldn't really complain. I would buy one of these to use again and at £1.95 it's a good choice if you want a cheaper but pleasant candy bath.


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