Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Forever 21, I have my eye on you

I have to write this quickly before I'm due out to meet my mum.

While my cat Tim slept on my freshly washed bath towel I've been dreaming of payday and looking at lots of pretty things online.

I've been wanting to makeover my bedroom for ages (and as anyone who's ever shared with a guy will know, it isn't pretty!) and it needs a more feminine feel. As it is now it has three off white walls, a deep red feature wall, black floor and white ceiling. Not very inspirational or relaxing.

I'd LOVE a floor like THIS but I'm not sure it would work over the black floor tiles we can't get off, so we're having laminate instead.

To replace the red feature wall I'd like to do THIS:

(P.S.- I made this.com)
And I'm planning to spray paint my black metal bed with a bright, light aqua with vanilla coloured bed knobs and a very subtle glitter glaze. Add a few black and white accessories and a few mirrored and hot pink items here and there and you get the general idea of how the room should look.

We're also getting blackout blinds but I hope to customise these too.

I've also been looking at lots of pretty things on Forever 21's website as I happen to live close-ish to one (lucky me!).

Here are a few items I'm drooling over right now:

* Studded Shoulder Moto Jacket £35.75 (although I'd prefer a real leather one)


* Fitted Animal Patterned Sweater £19.75 



* Suede Moccasin Slippers £16.00


Right, I have to run out to go meet mum, have a nice night.


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