Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kale Breakfast Smoothie - How To Make Your Own

Today I had a very strange yet surprisingly delicious breakfast; a kale smoothie. It was green, it had no sweeteners added to it and most of all, it wasn't my usual coffee.

I decided to try it for the vitamin boosting and energy giving elements, rather than the it'll-make-you-lose-weight gimmick. I like my desserts so trust me, I'll gain weight before losing it with a drink.

 Nutritional info:

Kale - what is it? and what's in it?
Spinach - what is it? and what's in it?
Banana - what is it? and what's in it?
Blueberries - what are they? and what's in them?
Goji Berries (also known as Wolf Berries) - what are they and what's in them?
Coconut Milk - what is it? and what's in it?
Yogurt - what is it? and what's in it?

Shopping for smoothie goodies (ignore the hot chocolate ha ha ha)

So, do you want to try it? Keep reading...

Each batch as listed below makes about 2-3 normal cups (like a medium mug size)

You'll need:

Blueberries - about a handful, washed
Spinach - a handful and washed. Remove the stems
A banana
Coconut milk - about 250-300ml
Yogurt - about 2tbsp
Kale (I used curly leaf as it was the only one available to me) - a handful and washed. Remove the stems
Goji berries (I used dried) - about a handful

Here's what you do:

After washing the kale, spinach and blueberries and chopping up the banana, add everything to a blender and blend until smooth.

Put everything into the blender


Ready to pour

If your smoothie looks too thick, add more coconut milk OR only add half a banana and see if that's better for you. I change mine day to day.

If your smoothie 'sets' like mine sometimes does, just mix it up again. Also if you're like me and leave it standing a little too long while you're busy doing something else and it looks like it's starting to separate, don't panic and throw it away. It's still fine, it's just the blueberry juice reacting with the yogurt and making it split. It's still fine, just mix it up.

The result? A rather green smoothie that tastes to me of bananas and a little of yoghurt. Nothing even remotely herb tasting or bitter! You can always change its taste by adding other berries or a flavouring like vanilla.


You can add the following too, but I couldn't get hold of these this time. The Acai berries should turn the smoothie from a green to more of a purple colour and it should taste a bit different.

* Acai berries / pulp / powder / liquid
* Protein powder
* I'm also looking at possibly adding Matcha tea to it in the future for an extra boost.

Have you tried this smoothie before?
What did / do you think of it?
What do you usually have for breakfast?
And have you seen any other foods that would make great additions?


Love, your little health nut


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