Monday, 4 June 2012

Topshop Haul

I went to see Snow White And The Huntsman on Saturday and popped into Topshop while I was out. I was looking for a nice skirt but finding nothing I really liked I wandered into their makeup section instead. Before now I've never tried any of their products so I thought it was about time.

After giving everything a good once over I came across three products I liked. The smokey eye palette in 'Tawny', blush in 'Head Over Heels' and highlighter in 'Sunbeam'.

As you can see, the containers are very creative looking in a monochromatic style. They are plastic with decent size mirrors and the eye palette has a double ended sponge applicator (personally, I would remove this and replace it with either a lip brush so you can create a nice liner effect or possibly a cut down artist brush - I prefer these over makeup brushes as they are generally softer and better quality... and being an artist I am more used to using them, along with my fingers).

First, the Smokey Eye Palette:

1                                                     2

3                                                        4

       1                     2                         3                    4

This consists of four neutral eye shadow shades. They all have a slight shimmer and range from dark brown with a copper shimmer (1), onto a mid brown with a similar shimmer (2), next is a copper shade which has a dark red / brown tinge (3) and lastly, what looks to be a peachy pale tan colour in the palette but is actually a pearly beige on the skin. Application is smooth and they last a fair amount of time before fading. I find the copper is particularly good at making eyes 'pop' and seems to be the longest lasting of the four.

The palette was £12 for 8g and you can find it Here. It's a very handy size for popping in your bag or taking on holiday and the colours are great for everyday wear as the shades will suit most people. You can create a great natural day look and build it up with the copper and browns for a night out.

Ok, next is the blush:

This is a cream blush. I usually wear a powder but recently my skin has become dry and I'm switching to a cream for a softer look (as powder emphasises dry skin) until my skin settles down. I'm trying the Lush Ultrabland challenge to replenish the moisture and even out my skin again (more about this another time). The colour is a rather pretty peachy pink (although it says coral on the website) which seems to suit my pale skin better than the pinker ones I usually go for (this blush comes in four shades, all of which are darker and more pink than this one). Application is very smooth and it blends easily for a natural flushed look. I really enjoy using this, the colour lasts all day on me but that may be because of the drier skin soaking more of the product up. You could set this with a light dusting of face powder for during the day if going for a natural look or dust with a powder blusher for a stronger look if venturing out for the night.

This compact is £6 for 4g and can be found Here. Again a handy size for popping in your bag. It could possibly be used as emergency lipstick. For a healthy 'just exercised' flush, apply on cheeks and blend a small amount lightly across the outer sides of the forehead down to the temples, a little along your jawline and also on the tip of your nose. Very cute.

Blush                                Highlighter

Last, the highlighter:

 This is in a larger compact than the blush and is in powder form. This is one of the few compacts that doesn't include a mirror. When first applied to the skin it looks very gold but when blended it leaves a very subtle glow with a hint of shimmer. I chose this for when we get a bit warmer weather to make my skin look fresher and luminous without resorting to fake tan. I think it works well for this purpose but I must say, it doesn't last very long. Perhaps mixed into a lotion it may stick to the skin for longer. I would wear this mainly on my body with hints around my eyes. I know it's meant for the face but I think it suits body application better. Thinking about it, it would make an excellent liquid gold effect eyeliner if applied with a damp lip brush. Or you could try patting some onto damp mascara to create golden lashes for the evening.

I paid £10 for this compact in store but online it says £9 hmmm. I would still suggest buying it from the store so you can test it out first. I think it's worth spending an extra pound rather than wasting nine. You get 6.5g and you can find it Here.

All in all, I am very pleased with Topshop's range of makeup. The prices aren't that bad and the products do what they say, it's just a matter of staying power but there are tricks you can use to improve this. Out of all the products the blush is my favorite and I will definitely be buying it again.

There are many more products in their range and I hope to try a few more and review them here. In particular the lipsticks do look good. I did a swatch of one on my hand and even after rubbing my skin and washing my hands a few times the colour stayed put (albeit it slightly faded). I think the shade was 'Rumour Has It' (found Here) and the lipsticks are £8 so not a bad price. They also have eyeliners in gel and liquid that I have my eye on trying out.

If you find yourself popping into Topshop it's worth visiting the makeup section and trying out a few things, it seems like a good range and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the products too.


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