Thursday, 21 June 2012

Topshop Makeup And Possible Cream Nars Orgasm Dupe

Today I have two mini reviews for you. One of a Topshop face art crayon and the other of a possible dupe for Nars's Orgasm blush, but a cream version.

First up is Topshop. I loved the face art crayon in 'Sun Shower' as it really does look like gold on your skin. I wanted to test how long it lasted before I bought it, so this review is all about that.

Here is how it looks when first applied, it gives a nice clean line but will smudge if you wipe it straight away. If you let it set on your skin for about 30 seconds then it pretty much doesn't smudge at all and will last ages.

This is after washing my hands:

This is about six hours and many hand washes later. Even though it has faded, it is still there and holding up quite well. I would recommend taking the crayon out with you for a touch up if you're wearing it all day / night. This way it will last longer and look just as stunning as when you first applied it.

I'm quite impressed with the crayon. Despite the colour fading it still looked nice. Perhaps using a makeup fixing spray may help it last longer. I haven't got any to try but if you do and you try it out, leave a comment about how that goes.

Ok next up is the possible Nars Orgasm (or perhaps the Super Orgasm?!) dupe. I came across this while buying food for my cat Tim in ASDA! It costs £4 and you get 12g which I think is pretty good. Mine seemed to be overfilled slightly which caused some of it to stick to the plastic cap inside and come off, which I wasn't too pleased about but I guess that means I have extra.

It is actually a highlighting cream stick but does give a hint of colour. If you have darker skin than me and want a stronger colour you could apply this over another blush for a more intense effect.

So here it is:

The cream itself is very thick so you won't need a lot and it will last ages. Blending is really easy and the colour can be built up (it doesn't show up very strong on the pictures of me below as I only used a tiny amount before running out for my maths class).

As you can see it does have teeny golden sparkles. These aren't very obvious on the skin, they catch the light and brighten the complexion rather than creating the look of a Christmas tree like I usually have after helping out at school with arts and crafts. I think it gives a nice lit up glow.

I think the real Nars Orgasm blusher would give a better colour without having to build it up but I must say, I do prefer a cream blush. Sometimes powder can be so drying and it actually makes me look a lot older. Cream suits my skin best and creates a fresh look.

Which do you prefer, cream or powder blush? Or do you use a stain / gel? I would love to know.

So there you have it, two great new products for you to try. Let me know if you do and what you thought of them.



KayleighKMUA said...

Wow that Asda dupe is actually really nice! It looks lovely on you, so summery! I will have to have a look next time I pop in my local :)

Arayha said...

Thank you :) They do have a pale one and a darker one but I thought this was the best.