Saturday, 21 July 2012

Emotional Brilliance: The Preview Party

Yesterday I was woken up by a very special delivery; the summer edition of the Lush Times and I'm in it! On page 19 you can find my tutorial showing you how to make your very own Comforter Lushie Plushie!

I went into Manchester to watch the new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, which I really enjoyed. I saw one of those arcade games outside where you try to grab a toy with a machine claw and it had cupcakes in it!

I also went for another reason; the Lush Emotional Brilliance VIP preview party. Emotional Brilliance is Lush's new makeup range that uses colours to alter your mood.

We waited outside for ages as the staff altered the window display, put coloured spots on the floor and set up all the lovely new products.

We went in and were told all about how the colour readings work. I was the very first person to have a colour reading and spin the magical wheel! I was told to sit and close my eyes, taking deep breaths to relax and free my mind of all thoughts. I then opened my eyes and gave the wheel a spin, watching all the beautiful colours merge into a circular rainbow.

Now, before I reveal what colours I got I want to tell you how I was feeling beforehand. I'd had a bad morning and all day I was feeling fed up, sad, dull and sort of scruffy. Just really bad like I should have stayed in bed, but I wasn't ill. Yes I had cheered up slightly when I went into Lush but I was pretty nervous when I was having my reading as everyone's eyes were on me and photographs were being taken left right and center. The deep breaths helped me relax a little and certainly did free my mind but overall, I wasn't feeling great.

I waited for the wheel to slow down and as it stopped, I pointed to the three colours that stood out to me and in the order I had seen them (the order is very important). I had picked a pastel blue, pale pink and pastel yellow.

What really surprised me were the names of the colours. You see, the order is important as they reveal how you're feeling. The first colour represents your strength or weakness, the second represents your subconscious need and the third represents your aspiration.

So my first colour, the blue called 'Calm' was either my strength or weakness. I think it was more weakness yesterday as I was very stressed and staying calm was very hard for me.

My second colour was the pink called 'Glamorous' which was my subconscious need. As I said before, I was feeling very dreary and dull all day and in fact, for a long time. I felt in need of a change, especially with my looks and the fact that I had chosen this colour without knowing what it represented was very surprising as it really fitted my needs.

My last colour was the yellow called 'Lifted' which represented my aspiration. I generally wanted to feel brightened up in all aspects of my life and this colour also seemed to fit.

And there we go, the colour reading was complete. After that I was led to the products to test them out and experiment a bit. I put the yellow on my eyelid and the blue on as a liner (I also tried their new mascara called 'Eyes Right' which went on smoothly and looked nice but flaked later, only slightly though.) I didn't try the pink. I was going to but then I saw another pink that I was attracted to and I just had to try. It was called 'Passionate' (you may remember it from the previous Lush Times' back cover photo).

This was my favourite colour on. I was going to buy it but then I saw another I fell in love with. It caught my eye in a way where I just couldn't look away. It was 'Fantasy' an amazing liquid gold liner. I purchased this one but at £14.50 and on my current budget I couldn't get any more. If I had the money I would have bought 'Passionate' along with it.

Here's the problem with the colour reading wheel. While it is a lot of fun, it is a novelty. Don't get me wrong, I will be spinning it again but even I didn't use it to pick the colours I would have purchased. I went off look alone, the name didn't matter to me if I fell in love with the colour. Maybe that messes the whole idea up but a lot of other people only bought the colours they liked the look of. It was lucky if any of those colours were from their readings. Still, the wheel is fun and rather insightful so I would say give it a go.

Here are some photos of the colours I put on. The applicators were rather fiddly and not so easy to use so I couldn't put the makeup on well, so just ignore the smudges and concentrate on the colous!

If you're looking for a nice everday lip colour 'Perspective' below is a nice one.

A few words of warning, this stuff stains really badly. Which is good in a way as that makes it fairly long lasting but also very bad as it is extremely hard to remove - especially the brighter, bolder shades!

I used two rounds of Lush's Ultrabland cleanser and a lemon and sugar scrub to remove the colour (do NOT use that scrub on or near your eyes though! Just the cleanser). Be very careful which shades you choose to wear and bear in mind where you'll be going the next day as you may be left with marks.

Overall, a nice range. There are eye cream shadows, liners and lip colours along with a facial tint, a highlighter, loose powder and a mascara.

I would suggest using the eye cream shadows as liners for speed. If you choose to wear them on your lid you may need to layer them up to build an even colour, the yellow and pale shades seem to be thinner and uneven unless you layer them carefully.

Also you can use all the colours as face paints, lip colours and also some of the lip creams as blusher - mix them with a cream or serum to blend as they dry very quickly.

Today is the big launch in stores for this range. If you have a reading on the colour wheel leave a comment, I'd love to know what you got and how you think it relates to your mood.



KayleighKMUA said...

That lip colour looks lovely on you!! Its gotta be your next purchase :)

Arayha said...

Thank you! It is definitely on my list, I want to wear it everyday!