Monday, 23 July 2012

More Emotional Brilliance Party Pictures & New Lushie Plushies

Photos from the VIP preview party have been uploaded onto Lush Manchester Arndale's Facebook page and here are the three I am in:

Source: Facebook
Here I am outside waiting to be let in, you can just see me stood behind the coloured dots window display.

Source: Facebook
 I was the very first person to have a colour reading and the lovely Rachel did mine.

Source: Facebook
And this is my favourite photo from the evening. I'm posing with Charlie who I thought looked like David Bowie at the party. He always makes me smile. All the staff are amazing there.

Since Friday's party I have been busy sewing more adorable Lushie Plushies and I had a really nice day out with my mum on Saturday clothes shopping for my cousin's upcoming wedding.

 I've made a Sakura ballistic and another Big Blue:

Big Blue

 Has anyone had a go at using the tutorial to make their own Comforter?



KayleighKMUA said...

Sakura is so so soooo cute!!! I love the lips and cheeks :) and big blue has the cutest face :)

@Jade_elise said...

that's my sakura! I feel the need to show off! SO CUTE!