Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Surprise Mail, Giant Think Pink & Summer Fair News!

I have been expecting a package from Arts & Candies but I can't say what that was for in case a certain person reads about it and then the surprise would be ruined, but I will add a photo of what it is to this post at a later date.

Well, my package arrived today with the expected item and I was very surprised to find quite a few more with it!

Here are some pictures:

My bracelet, featuring The Comforter bubble bar, Dorothy bubble bar, Youki-Hi ballistic, Ma Bar bubble bar, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar, Gingerbread House bubble bar, B Love soap, Candy Mountain bubble bar and Sunnyside bubble bar.

I adore this bracelet, I have worn it all day in the rain and it certainly cheered up a dreary day! It fits perfectly too, which is a problem I have with most bracelets, but not this one!

Ok next is the surprise Youki-Hi necklace - I have her very first Youki-Hi creations and I'm so proud!

And here is the keyring featuring Ooh La La soap and French Kiss bubble bar:

I will be giving this one to my mum as her birthday present :) Luckily she doesn't use the internet so she won't see this haha

Along with the above and the secret surprise one I ordered, the lovely Arts & Candies also included a Yankee Candle wax tart and two lollies, all wrapped up in the prettiest pink and silver speckled paper.

I have been staring at everything all day since opening the Youki-Hi scented box this morning and let me tell you this, they are perfect right down to the last detail. From the teeny tiny sprinkles on the gingerbread house, to the glitter and also the sugar cube on my ma bar... just perfect! They even smell lovely.

I have no doubt that the recipient of the item I ordered will also be over the moon. A job well done miss candy!


On to other news! On Sunday I attended the summer fair of a school I volunteer at and ran a Lush pamper spa room using all Lush products, made Think Pink ballistics, held a raffle to win Lush 'You're A Star' gift boxes and also had a mini Lush shop. 

We made almost £240 from the Lush activities alone! How amazing is that?!

Of course I couldn't have done this all by myself, quite a few others helped out a lot and made this amazing day happen. Firstly, my mum ran around all day selling over 500 raffle tickets and bringing refreshments. Next the amazing Leila and Jayne from the Lush Manchester Arndale store came to help me with treatments and product making. They brought the Lush products to use in the spa and also sold loads of products as well as thoroughly pamper and entertain everyone who came to us. All three of you ran around non stop like busy bees and I am proud of you. The school is proud of you.

And lastly, to the Lush Compounders for sending me two Think Pink product making kits that helped a great deal in raising so much money and bringing smiles to many children and adult faces. We only used one kit at the fair and had some leftover mixture, so I made a giant Think Pink that I will be raffling off next week along with as many ballistics that can be made from the second kit to raise even more money for the school to help buy much needed equipment for special needs children.

Even my boyfriend did his bit helping us to load up the car with all the heavy boxes. And of course I did my bit too, performing many treatments and making products as well as setting up and clearing away the spa room.

I enjoyed the day so much I didn't want to leave and I will certainly be handing in my CV to Lush if it means I get to do more treatments like this on people. I think my favourite bit, which surprised me was giving people foot treatments. It was so relaxing sitting there massaging cream into their feet while listening to soothing music. Quite a few of us almost fell asleep, the room was so relaxing!

Here's the giant Think Pink I made:

I put a normal one next to it just to show the size difference - what a monster!

I'm hoping to get hold of a few of the pictures taken of our day at the fair (unfortunately we were all too busy to take any ourselves!) and I will crop / blur the bits I need to (protect kiddie faces etc as it was at a school and you need parent permission to show faces...) then put them up :) I hope there are some good ones!

THANK YOU to everyone I have mentioned in this post, you are all amazing people!



KayleighKMUA said...

What a lovely post, that bracelet is absolutely gorge! So appropriate for us lushies :) And well done on the summer fair, what a lovely thing to do! Well done you for raising so much money! That's incredible! And that giant think pink! WOWIE!

Arayha said...

Thank you :) It is gorgeous isn't it. I'm still wearing it now, it's beautiful. I read a few minutes ago on the school website that the fair raised over £3000 in total on Sunday!

Yes the giant Think Pink, I'm so tempted to make another and chuck it in the bath but it's that heavy it will probably break the bath haha