Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Today I...

I spent the entire day trying to fix my old Singer 522 Sewing machine. It just refused to sew even a few stitches and constantly jammed with breaking thread.

I took it all apart, only to discover my repair man had stuffed it full of odd smelling yellow gunk that did nothing but clog the machine up. The parts that actually needed lubricating didn't have anything on at all!

I had a huge job ahead of me. I must have spent about five hours just pulling it all apart and finding all the gunk. Then I spent ages searching the internet for a copy of a manual to see how to sort the machine out (I bought the machine second hand and it came with nothing).

I found out the gunk caused the tension problems that caused the machine to jam and the thread to break. But after all my hard work cleaning and repairing I was rewarded with  this:

I know it's not perfect but compared to before it's just amazing.

I will need to clean it all out again with some WD40 and then lubricate it with the correct oil - mineral. and then with any luck we will have a great little machine.

In other news, Tim my kitty turns one on August the second and I'm so tempted to sew a cute bow tie collar for the day. He's going to be getting a few new toys and some treats too.

Sir Tim

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