Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Arayha's Boutique New Project

Arayha's Boutique is currently working on a commissioned cushion based on an Ipad cover by Arts & Candies and here is a sneak preview of a piece of the decoration:

It is a plush version of a Lush yellow paper bag! Everything is hand stitched.

Arayha's Boutique are also working on designs for new items including badges. So far we have 58 Facebook page likes and we are hoping to get to 100 soon so we can host a giveaway competition for one lucky person to win a collection of Lushie Plushies of their choice. If you would like to share the page with your friends then please follow THIS link and click 'share'.

We are also having our Grand Opening in a few short weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for new product images and don't forget to do this so you can see all our posts on Facebook:

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Thank you and have a lovely evening.


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