Monday, 20 August 2012


I'm home from hospital now, I came back on Wednesday at about 2 / 3pm. I can't really remember. I had my operation on Tuesday at about the same time. Currently I'm just recovering and getting into the routine of cleaning my wound and changing my dressings. And I miss baths.

It's taken all week and I'm surprised I feel as drained as I do but I'm starting to be inspired again and starting to work, to sew and create. Arayha's Boutique is going again.

I can't help but want to visit flea markets, vintage fairs, carboots, charity shops, reclaim yards... all sorts of places. I just want to travel all over taking pictures, finding hidden treasures and then making things from them. I'm going to have a look round and see if there's anything local I can get to soon and not be too much of a strain while I'm feeling so weak.

I'm also wanting to make my own artistic doll, just the one for myself. And I'm going to try and make my own stamp for my labels, fingers crossed that goes well. I'll possibly be doing a Vlog when I've looked into it more.

So, a bit of a mixed week but with any luck all will be back to normal but with a pinch of extra creativity soon.



KayleighKMUA said...

I know what you mean about wanting to visit Carboots, charity shops, market ect... I have been feeling really crafty recently and just want to get out there and find some steals and spruce them up a bit you know? I have nobody to go with though! Might have to make it a solo mission. Hope your recovering ok girly, treat yourself to some retro x

Miss Candy said...

Even after all of that whilst feeling drained you are already so creative again. I wish I had even half the creativity and motivation that you do! Feel better soon :) xxx

Arayha said...

If only we lived closer! I plan to get at least one retro product but I can't decide which. I have found a few nice things including some vintage zips to include in items I make. I've also found a almost local old mill building that's like a second hand place. I went once before and found an old pre electric singer machine complete with desk, samples and patterns! If only I had the money for it!

Arayha said...

Awww thank you :) and after last night I'm even more drained but I'm still trying to keep my mind on creative things. Hopefully I'll be able to post some nice pictures of my work this weekend.