Friday, 10 August 2012

Stila Makeup Bargain

Look what I found in my local £1 shop

I couldn't believe it so I stocked up and bought three of these and I also got a set of their makeup sponges and a palette all for £1 each!

Apparently they're end of line stock that £1 shops have bought up and are selling on BUT the thing is, these 'end of line' products are still being sold for full price everywhere else!

If you love Stila makeup or like me you just want to try it out, I really suggest you pop down to your local £1 shop and see if you can grab a few of these.

I've yet to test the foundation properly but I have really pale skin and even though it was dark when applied (it goes very creamy), it lightened the more you blended and actually looks very nice on even my snow white skin.

So yes, pop down quick and get some before everyone catches on and they're gone.


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