Friday, 24 August 2012


Hello again! I've had a really hectic and also rubbish week so far apart from a few things:

- I got my updated licence from Lush Ltd
- I won tickets to a lovely vintage fair in the Cotswolds tomorrow (I hope I can go!)
- I've been making super cute plushies

Here's a plushie version of Lush Ltd's reusable carrot bubble bar. How cute is he!

I'll be finishing a few others off and posting pictures of them over the weekend here and on the Arayha's Boutique Facebook page Here.

Now for a chinese and to watch a bit of  Supernatural.



KayleighKMUA said...

He is super cute!! I love the lil smile :)

Arayha said...

Thank you :)he was so cute I decided to make one for myself too